Saturday, May 01, 2010

Do Fish Count As New Family Members?

When you are certain that they will die at some point and they only cost $0.20 a piece do they count as family members? Do they even count as pets?

Caleb certainly thinks they do :) Meet John and Sam - our new goldfish.

This morning Kirk took the kids yard saling around the neighborhood (so sweet to give me a morning break!) and Caleb came across this fish tank for $1.00 - oh yes, my children are already bargain hunters! Kaitlyn bought a bike for $8.00 and she's been needing one for a while. I love yard sales :)

Caleb is very excited to have his first real pet. He once had a turtle in the back yard but you just can't keep a turtle for very long so we let him go. Caleb has wanted a fish for a while - his whole room has a fish mural in it. We had it done before he was born so while he hasn't totally outgrown it he's getting there. I figured a live fish would grow the "theme" up a bit. Of course, I was hoping to wait till his birthday but the bargain was too good to pass up as was the big smile on his face for our new $0.20 family members.

The triplets LOVE the fish. They are more fun to watch then TV. The only hard part is telling them they aren't allowed to pick them up and play with them!


Kimberly & Alex said...

How CUTE! Welcome to the family John and Sam.

Candace Hickey said...

Caleb is so handsome. How fun to have some new pets. I bet he will take good care of them!
Glad the triplets love them too. :)

Andrea said...

Good luck with the new members of the family! Dorinda, your kids just always seem so filled with an attitude of gratitude about everything. I hope I do as well with mine!