Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Visit

I know, I know it's been a while since I posted (again!) but summer has been sooo busy and August will only be partially better.

This past week we had the joy of hosting Kirk's neice, Amber and her two little ones: Branson (17 months) and Addelynne (4 months). Her husband is still deployed so she's making the family rounds and landed in Virginia for a bit :)

I enjoyed my week - especially holding my great-neice all the time. Not sure if I'm ready for more - I loved having the little ones around but it was oh so great to give them back :) I think I know how grandparents feel!

Mommy and her babies :) Of course - she looks so young most people thought she was my daughter or nanny - we got crazy looks whenever we ventured out especially this past Monday when we went out with my 5, her 2 along with the 2 I babysit - wow! I'm not sure anyone could figure that out :)

Branson Howard

Addelynne Grace Mabel

My kids liked having the younger ones around. Everyone wanted to hold and feed Addelynne - Julianna did a great job feeding her and Kaitlyn is now big enough to carry babies around! But on the other hand they all still very much needed my attention. I think we'd be ready for another in the future but thank God not now...

We're all going to miss Amber and the kids and look forward to having them again soon. Lord willing, when her husband is home safe and sound!

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Annie said...

Looks like a great time and those kids are precious.

Enjoy the weekend.