Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Picnic

We're tired, we're messy but we just had a GREAT time with our moms of multiples club at a little place called Cows -N- Corn Farm. We had 4 hours of jam-packed fun and food.

They had cows, they had corn (obviously) but they also had wooden "playgrounds", a cow train ride and a hayride through the farm.

The kids went on the cow train ride over and over again. They loved it!

Look at that face! Someone enjoyed a great cupcake :)

The hayride took us around the farm. It's a dairy farm and they produce thousands of gallons of milk a day milking their cows at noon and midnight. Caleb really liked learning about the cows and the farm :) It was cute - he asked to go back so he could take notes!

We got to see baby cows (all of these "little" ones are 2 days to 2 months old):

And adult cows (this was a prize-winning cow currently about 8 years old):

After the train ride the kids got to see the animals up close and personal:

The kids also enjoyed playing in the farm's "sandbox" complete with corn!

Look at these smiling faces - I think that says it all.

With the perfect weather and the great company we had a fabulous summer picnic. They had the cows and corn - we brought the SUVS, minivans and loads of twins and a set of triplets along with quite a few singletons - together we created the reason these clubs exist - give each other some support but mostly to have a lot of fun :)


Anonymous said...

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Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

Where is this place--it looks like so much fun!