Saturday, July 17, 2010

Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

I didn't intend to go so long without posting but these past few weeks have been crazy and I've been so tired that blogging has taken a back seat to life.

So, what have we been up to?

July 4th - Celebrated Kaitlyn turning 10 (1st party) - decided to experiment with brownies - I think I like it!

Birthday Cake #1 by Aunt Kim:

And what do you get a 10-year-old? An iPod of course :) I think she likes it...

After Kaitlyn's first birthday party and before the fireworks Rachel had a "date" with my parent's tile floor. Resulting in a lovely fat lip but thankfully no broken teeth (took a trip to the dentist just to be sure)

Fortunately it didn't deter her from enjoying the fireworks in the front yard. No big fireworks this year due to the weather but we saw quite a few over the houses around us and that was enough till next year.

Multi-tasking with the iPod :)

Caleb using 2 sparklers :)

Watching the fireworks.

Birthday girl :) For the whole month apparantly...

July 6th we made the 16 hour drive north. Didn't go as smooth as going south but we all made it home in one piece and for that I'm grateful!. Once we arrived I had just a few days to prepare for VBS and the consignment sale I volunteer at - both were this week so I was gone all morning and then again all evening often with things in between. Now you see why I haven't posted much - just way too tired by the end of the day!

This year was an Egyptian theme and we all got in on the costumes! My good friend, Kristy, was our leader this year and she did a great job with the help of many.

I got the privilege of being a leader meaning I was in charge of a A"family" - not a same-age class but a group of kids of different ages. I was only supposed to have one of my girls but Alyssa would not be seperated and Julianna just barely would. That was kind of a surprise for me - I thought they would be eager to be in their own classes.

On Friday the kids got the chance to get some Egyptian make-up and hair.

Even though VBS was over my week wasn't. Due to timing we had to celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday last night with her friends. Not quite as elaborate as last year...

But I still had to do a little something :) Kaitlyn's cake #2 - this one by mom. My first attempt at a cake that isn't square...

That's the last 2 weeks in a nutshell. The next week is a little calmer other than my oldest "baby" turning 10 on Monday - yikes!! And I'm sure a third cake :)

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