Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye Diapers

It has been 10 long years.

Even though my children are 3 years or more apart (except the triplets of course) none of them were out of diapers before the next one (or three) came along. We have not had a break from diapers in 10 years and 1 month.

But now things have changed.

Now we are down to 1 diaper a day!

Julianna and Rachel are fully potty trained - through the night and everything - they have been for about 2 months now.

But Alyssa is different. Alyssa is taking a little more time but she's catching on and I'm not going back. So right now she wears just one diaper a day and that's to bed at night (a pull-up during nap but she's kept them dry most days and I'm not counting that as a diaper).

I want to do a diaper burning dance! I can't believe it's finally happened.

Goodbye diapers, I won't miss you...


Christina said...

Man I can't wait for that day...

Annie said...


The girls used only diapers at night but my goal is before the 2010 ends diapers will be another story.

Do you have any advices that help with their diaper at night?

Carrie said...

WHOO HOO! I think I have you beat. I've been in diapers for 11 years and 8 months STRAIGHT and I see no end in sight. And that's not even counting the 5 years as a nanny before I got married. Needless to say I am sooo tired of looking at poop. I need prayer :)))