Sunday, August 08, 2010

Not Sure I Like My Shoulders Medium Rare

Ouch! My sunburn is killing me. I know it's my own fault for the lack of sunscreen but when I'm the only adult in charge of 7 kids at the lake a few things slip my mind...

After all the thunderstorms we had a nice day (read: extremely hot day) at Lake Anna. The scenery was beautiful but I'm still not a fan of the water/sand combo. A friend of mine invited me along and despite having to take 7 kids by myself I decided to go ahead and go. Yea, I'm crazy.

I'm grateful the 4 bigger kids are very good swimmers and are able to be independent. They enjoyed the chance to get out of the house for the day...

And enjoy the sun and sand (which they seem to like a lot more than I do!)

Caleb really wanted to build a sand castle. He got plenty of help from the other kids around and he wanted to be sure that I shared with you that if you want to make something nice all you have to do is ask other people for help. I'm paraphrasing but that's pretty close :)

Julianna spent most of her time on the shore playing in the sand:

But she did find some time to go swimming.

Rachel and Alyssa on the other hand spent most of their time in the water both by themselves and with the bigger girls.

We also met cousin Amber, Branson and Addelynne there. Amber is still in VA with her MIL (pray for Amber - she just found out her husband will not be coming home on leave at all and she won't be able to see him again till next March - a FULL year apart!!)

Branson swam with Alyssa and Rachel.

And on the sand with Julianna - he really loves the triplets and they love him!

As for me, I'm still recovering - sleeping is hard, moving is harder but we still had a very active weekend. But don't feel sorry for me, my sad, pale skin may soon have the slightest glint of a tan...

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