Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh My Word, Oh My Word...

Sorry, I'm just a little bit overwhelmed right now - it seems my girls will be going to preschool in a few weeks - THREE FULL DAYS! What?!


Take a breath. It's a good thing.


Of course.

Except it's just I haven't been home without a child for TEN years! I barely know what one hour home alone feels like let alone 7 hours 3 days a week. What in the world do I do?

The bigger question: how did my girls even get big enough for preschool?

Sure 2 of them are completely potty trained (Alyssa has yet to start and oh yea, add that to my list over the next 3 weeks - potty train her so she can go to school) but still, they are still my babies.

Except they aren't anymore.

They are big girls. They remind me all the time. With what they say and what they do. The above photo was taken at the insistance of the girls. They were playing outside and decided they were very cute and I should take a picture of it.

This is a great age and I enjoy so much of it. Not the fighting or the constant whining and tears but I love how they play together, how they look out for each other, how they love their big brother and sister.

The funniest thing in our house is how the best friends change from one moment to the next. They don't quite get how they are sisters and how that is different than friends so whenever one of them matches another one at that moment they are best friends. Sometimes it's about the hair - Julianna and Alyssa have the same color hair so they are best friends. But then Rachel and Julianna will be eating the same cereal for breakfast so they are best friends. If Alyssa matches Caleb then he is her best friend. It's a rotating title and it cracks me up.

The best is when Julianna puts her arm through mine and says we are best friends because that's how best friends walk together. How cute is that?!

In my head I'm working on a post of the fun things they say but they always seem to slip my mind even when I swear they won't.

They are my sweet princesses. Somehow I let Kaitlyn and Caleb get older and there seems to be nothing I can do to stop the triplets from growing up either. Of course I know this.

This is reality. This is what happens.

But while I can enjoy every second it doesn't mean I have to like the fact that all five of my once babies are now old enough to walk, talk and OH MY WORD...

Go to school!!

What am I doing blogging? I have a MILLION things to do to get ready and barely three weeks to get it all done in.

Anyone have tiny uniforms they're not using?

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Denise Wheeler said...

Oh my! Please let me know what you find to fill your time with. LOL.

How exciting, yet so very sad at the same time. I can't believe how grown up our kids are getting. I miss my "babies" but love the little people they are turning into.