Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Bugs Have Been Exterminated By Princesses

My dining room is pink :)

And full of princesses!

Julianna, my model and most in love with being a princess:

Rachel, my creative one and apparantly a chocolate lover:

Alyssa, my crazy one:

But sometimes the sweetest things happen when you least expect them - Alyssa spent some time "reading" to her smallest friend, Ben. My girls LOVE books :)

Cake Time! Gone are the bugs and in their place pink purses, cupcakes and ring pops. Special thanks to Miss Kristy (Ben's mom) for the purse cake - she offered to bring it and I gladly accepted!

Anxiously awaiting their cake:

Daddy gets to carry the cake again this week :) I think he's getting good at it!

They blew their candles out pretty quickly - I was proud of them! They really are big girls.

Triplet present openers:

I think they've got the hang of it!

They certainly enjoyed their 4th birthday party. I'm still wrapping my brain around the fact that it's been 4 years!!

How did I get from here?

To here?

To here? One years old...

To here? Two years old...

To here? Three years old...

And now here? Four years old...

I have to note I wrote that when they turned 2 years old that they were acting like big girls and no longer my babies. To say that they are 4 just seems impossible. Today they are my sweet helpers (when they want to be), my little babies (when they fall down) and my gift from God (always).

When Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa were born I had no idea how they would fit in our family or how we would manage. But each and every day God has given us the strength we've needed to make it one more day, one more hour. Now they are so much a part of our family I can't imagine life without them. They love their big sister, Kaitlyn and their big brother, Caleb just as much as I hoped they would when they were born.

Nothing could replace having such a big family or being able to be the mom of triplets. I wish everyone had as much of a blessing as we do. So, please don't feel sorry for me when you see me out and about with my whole crew. Praise God for His goodness to our family. His grace in answering a million of my prayers.

My babies are 4 but thank God they still have a long way to go before they are ready to leave the nest and praise God for each and every day I have to enjoy them until then :)

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