Sunday, November 14, 2010

My House Is Overrun With Bugs!!

And strangely by my own choice...

I have been wanting (for quite a few years) to do a bug party theme for Caleb's birthday and finally this year he let me. I don't know about him but I had a great time!

His bug cake was just way too fun to make though maybe not for the squeamish.

The goody bags were edible bug habitats - each one consisted of edible dirt, candy rocks and one large marshmallow bug:

(I did add some bug fruit snacks, a few other bug treats and some plastic bugs to a paper bag but it turned out to be a simple and fun goody bag!)

And no bug party is complete without homemade mud cups :)

We kept the party simple. Kirk took the boys to see the new movie Megamind and then brought them home for lunch (complete with bug juice to drink), presents...

And of course, CAKE!

Guess it means Caleb is officially 7 and I need to turn my attention from bugs to pink as the countdown is on till the girls turn 4!!


Kimberly said...

Happy 7th Birthday Caleb! Love the bug theme!

Kristy said...

You are awesome...what a great birthday party. (And a great idea for me for the future!!)