Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caleb's 7 Today!!

It's official. Caleb is no longer little. He's now 7 years old. That just sounds old. In the scheme of things I know it isn't but to me it is. Of course he's thrilled with the new development and promises me he is still the same kid but he has to get older or he will die. I certainly don't wish him to stop growing and I love seeing the kid he is becoming but I will always miss this:

How quickly my little baby turned into my little man:

My little man who wants to be a pizza delivery man when he grows up :)

Okay, we're working on that but truly this is what he chose for career day at school the other week! Fortunately his reasoning was just that he wanted to carry a pizza box around and was considering it for supplemental income. That's my boy - already thinking ahead!!

I want to wish him an extra special happy birthday and let him know that I love him and look forward to seeing him grow up but for now I want to enjoy every minute I have with him. After all, seven is still young right?!


becky said...

happy birthday caleb.. :)

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Happy Birthday to the best Grandson in the world!
Love Grandma and Grandpa

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!