Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating your Mother's or celebrating with your children and enjoying your own motherhood.

I got to spend the weekend away with my husband at Hershey Park, PA - lots of rides and lots of chocolate but no kids :) It was a nice break. I'd say that covers Mother's Day even though it was more for our 15th anniversary.

Now for Mother's Day I got a different sort of gift - my favorite kind:

Photos of my family!

My beautiful kiddos :)

The whole family - I think this is such a cool shot:

More of the family - seems like Rachel was not cooperating! Stinker...

My handsome boys...

And my beautiful girls...

I think these are my favorite - the individual shots of the kids - how cute are they?

And no photo shoot is complete without some good photos of me and my favorite guy!

A big thanks to Megan Keys from Keys Photography for the great shots! And of course, Happy Mother's Day to me :) I hope I can actually get some of these on my wall soon...

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Linda R. said...

Great family pictures! How big the trips are getting! Linda R.