Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Now I Feel Like A Parent...

There are few milestones in the life of kid-dom - like being born, walking, learning to use the potty, starting school - but the most dreaded of all makes me really feel like a parent:


I'm sure college will be that much worse but braces is one of those real big expenses that parents face.

Now I'm good at using coupons but darn it they just don't make coupons for braces! Sure they have insurance but I have to say their definition of "co-pay" and mine are quite different. Fortunately, the Lord was gracious and provided a way where the braces aren't as expensive as they could be and o, how grateful I am for that! Of course, this is just child #1...

The big before:

Unfortunately, Kaitlyn has a very large overbite and that for me necessitated the braces - even the orthodontist was concerned about her teeth chipping because of their position in her mouth. Beyond that she has a jaw that doesn't align and one that even when it does her top jaw is actually inside her bottom jaw.

Sooo... to fix all that she actually has to have a very special bracket inserted in her upper and lower jaw - 10 years ago this would have been head gear but they have found no one wants to wear that (go figure) so someone invented the brackets to go inside the mouth rather than outside - yea!

NOT happy as they put the brackets in...

Brackets are in, getting ready to put on the top braces:

Top braces are on, just 4 for now and no wire yet - that will come after we've spent a few weeks daily adjusting the bracket:

All done - I think this look is more pain than gratitude. What do you think?

And today (after):

She is surprisingly good spirits despite the discomfort that I know she's in. The smile here is about how much she can close her mouth for now. I also notice that the photo doesn't show clearly enough how much metal is actually in her mouth!

We're looking at a 3-year process - a long, slow journey but so worth it in the end - I look forward to seeing the finished "product" - for now I can just enjoy making the payments and this quite large childhood milestone.

Now that makes me feel like a parent... but I love it!


Kimberly said...

I completely understand! Lex has had his for a year now. UGH! and to think I have 6 more to go. yikes!

The G's said...

Betty is getting braces in October. Which ortho did you choose?