Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Title Undetermined (Camping)

Oh, I had a few other thoughts for this blog post title but I figured I'd rather not scare anyone!!

It could have been: "Bruised, Battered and Burnt" but I didn't want anyone to think we'd been killed in a car wreck or housefire :)

Or I could have gone with "Camping is NOT for wimps ergo Camping is NOT for me!" but it's only about 95% true - I did survive... barely and apparantly I'm going to be doing it again next year - yikes, I'm already nervous.

Don't get me wrong the surroundings were beautiful - we slept (though I do use the term slept loosely) right near a waterfall, we tubed down a river complete with some rapids (thus the bruised part), we were surrounded by trees and mountains.

Sounds beautiful but I didn't mention - the bathrooms were uphill and we trecked up there many, many times a day sometimes in the middle of the night often with 3 girls in tow - the bathrooms were small and hot and none of the doors worked and the girls couldn't turn on the water by themselves or use the dryer by themselves leaving me to juggle doors, water and dryer - it got old - FAST!

I didn't mention that too many people don't pay attention to the quiet curfew and while all my kids can sleep through everyone talking, yelling, driving, waving flashlights, using car blinkers repeatedly for no apparant reason - I cannot.

I don't like sleeping in sand or sticking to the mud or standing on really hot playgrounds with no place to sit while the girls play for hours.

I know, I'm a baby but this is why God gave me a house to live in. Maybe someday He'll call me to live in the middle of the brush and I will make do but right now I am feeling extremely blessed to have a roof over my head - a real one, not a plastic one.

Enough about me, the kids had a great time because unlike me they really enjoy being dirty, playing in the mud, sleeping on the ground and swimming in cold pools.

The really, very beautiful waterfall we slept nearby:

And oh how the kids loved the river - kept them occupied for hours!

My "rock" girls:

Some of our group tubing - Kirk, myself and the big kids got a chance to ride - it was too rough for the triplets - maybe next year...

My handsome guy in the river - he was gracious enough to buy us an air mattress so I didn't have to sleep directly on the ground AND was willing to come home a night early so we could all sleep in our beds - true love!!

Our "home" away from home - it says it sleeps 8 so it slept our 7 pretty "comfortably".

There will be no pictures of me. They will all be destroyed. All of them...

We survived. We are all a bit burnt, we have lots of new cuts and bruises but we are alive and soo grateful to be home and have the day off yesterday. A big thanks to the men and women who serve our country and those who have family serving our country. Our family was able to have the freedom to take the weekend off and I very much appreciate my freedom!!


I Love Ski Jumping said...

Have a nice day ; )Beautiful girls ; )

Candace Hickey said...

You are brave to camp in a tent with the children!
It looks beautiful...and that you all had a good time.
We took the trio camping back in March but we slept in a cabin. Not the nicest but we had a roof! LOL

Glad you all had some quality family time away.

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