Thursday, February 22, 2007

14 Weeks... But Who's Counting?

Ha ha! I count every day I survive :) I can't believe the girls are 14 weeks already. Well, it doesn't feel like time has flown but compared to my days spent in the hospital time really has gone quickly and the girls are growing quickly. Now, if we could just get them to scream a little less...

But, I took Rachel to the doctor today (with a little help from Lisa Zellner - thanks!) just to get her weighed because of our massive feeding difficulties. The nurse practitioner adjusted her dose so hopefully that will help because I have no idea how to motivate an infant to eat!!

Anyway, my "little" girls now weigh:
Julianna: 12 lbs even (still our chunky monkey :) )
Rachel: 10.10 lbs (she does not feel 10 lbs heavy!!)
Alyssa: 11.7 lbs

I honestly think they are growing faster then Kaitlyn did and I think Julianna is in line to compete with Caleb who gained 10 lbs in 4 months. I wonder if she'll weigh 15 pounds on March 16th when they are scheduled to be checked again.

On another note, Alyssa giggled for the first time today! Kaitlyn and I were playing with her and showing her a toy giraffe and she just thought it was funny and began giggling a couple of times. So sweet. Of course, this was a brief moment and it was followed by a lot of screaming. We're still not sure how our girl that screams the most and the loudest (trust me, the loudest out of all 5 kids - not just the triplets - it's ear piercing) is the first one to giggle. Life is funny. And just a few weeks after I presented my concern to the doctor that she wasn't smiling much at all. It seems the formula change and/or the zantac are helping! Yea :)

And here are a few pictures of our nursery now that we finally have a third crib and have moved Rachel out of the bassinet. Alyssa is in the maple crib handed down from Kaitlyn and Caleb. Julianna is in the darker crib handed down from our neighbors (thanks) and Rachel gets the white one. Now everyone can tell them apart. The cribs I mean :) Aaahh...

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