Monday, February 26, 2007

Waketime is Learning Time!

A lot of you know that a big portion of my day is trying to keep the girls awake and keep them entertained - okay, that's just to keep them from screaming their heads off! I am not a hugely scheduled oriented person but with triplets you pretty much have to be. If one of them falls asleep in the swings or too early and then doesn't nap with the other 2 it makes for a miserable mom. Babies too :)

So, tonight to keep them entertained we sent them to "school" - the kind that their big brother and big sister teach :) Kaitlyn them taught them how to read and write and Caleb taught them other important things like how to use a lasor (like the one on his Buzz Lightyear) and how to stretch. Both so very cute.

Here are some pictures with the girls and their teachers - sorry about the stuff behind them I have been drowning myself in the last week in a huge clothes project. Yes, I take on entirely too much stuff but hopefully this will lead to better organization in the future.

And then, as Kaitlyn would say, the girls moved on to "Centers" - they each get to do a different learning activity. Can you see their brains working hard?

And, finally, we captured something very elusive from Alyssa - her smile! This was helped along by big sister. They just LOVE to look at their older siblings and that is great. Can't wait till they can all play together (and fight together - I know it's coming but let me enjoy the good things!)

P.S. Even though Rachel is wearing blue she is STILL A GIRL!! Sorry - we get asked this question a lot even when they're all in pink :)

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