Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blessed By Three and So Many of You!

I can't believe it but we have survived the first 3 months of the girl's lives! And we have survived one month without my mom :( Not sure how either have happened. Well, I do know - the grace of God and a ton of help. First, my mom whose help I could not have recovered without. She babied me and nursed me back to health :) Thanks Mom!

And after she left so many have stepped in to come over and help feed and hold babies as well as bringing us meals - thank you to Joanna Whitaker for coordinating all the efforts and always pitching in herself (she has given me permission to post here pictures of her new baby when he/she arrives so stay tuned for that!). Thank you to Venzy Searcy, Lisa Zellner, Denise Cadle, Hope Prosser, Barb Clock, Mary Abel, Carrie Wronka, April Fultz, Janette Nash, Karen Cornett, Brenda Fortney, Sally and Clif Roth, Kristy and Corey Shepherd, JoRonda Northcutt, Lea Dawson, Carrie Meyer, Krista Estridge, Cecilia Cornell, Terri Dunseath, Christina Nielsen, Leah Plott and Hannah Zellner for helping with meals and the babies. Thank you to Mrs. G, Trish Parks and April Hunt for picking Kaitlyn up from school. Thank you also to everyone at Grace Church of Gainesville, Grace Baptist of North Tampa Bay and to everyone else who has kept us in your prayers throughout the pregnancy and through these last 3 months - we look forward to spending more time with you all in the coming months as well. (Forgive me if I have forgotten someone - if you have been here to help and your name is not listed please let me know ASAP!)

Of course, I must also mention that Kaitlyn and Caleb have been a great help too - they are doing very well in their roll as big sister and big brother. P.S. - Caleb is potty training so give him some encouragement when you see him - he is trying to decide if he wants to be a big boy or a little boy and is feeling very conflicted about it. And, yes, I am crazy for trying to potty train a 3 year old while caring for triplet newborns but what could I do? I was a bit out of commission last year.

For those of you who are counting, yes they were 3 months yesterday but I'm a little late on my post. It gets crazy around here!!

Here's a few photos of our smiling babies - well, 2 of them are smiling - we are convinced that Alyssa is very serious. However, you will easily notice that Rachel is not wearing the same dress as the other girls and that was because she was being quite fussy so I'm sure we'll get Alyssa's smile on camera soon!




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