Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Frustration Is...

I just have to share the most frustrating thing about my day and that is feeding time. Kirk and I just put the girls did to bed. And, God forbid, we attempted to feed them before putting them there. We are used to their screaming most evenings - that is pretty normal but when you are trying to feed a child who is refusing to eat you can imagine our frustration. Now multiply that times 3 and you have a small taste for how our evenings go. We sat with them for 45 minutes and while Rachel ate pretty well Alyssa and Julianna just screamed at Kirk and refused to take a swallow of their bottles.

What's wrong with them? We have no idea, they are just screaming. Screaming while held, screaming while sitting in their chairs... Doesn't matter, just screaming. Of course, if we quit trying to feed them they calm down. I don't think our babies understand that they are supposed to eat a certain amount of food every day to stay alive. According to the doctor this is their body weight times 2 1/2 so that's about 30 ounces a day for Julianna. I can't even say we get close and after tonight's feeding I know we're not. I have no idea how these kids are growing!!

Thanks for letting me vent. Just a picture into the world of triplets... It's also good birth control :)

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