Saturday, November 15, 2008

Elmo Party!!

Today was the girls "real" 2nd birthday party. It was nothing like last year - we didn't rent a hall, we didn't invite everyone we knew - just the girls 2-year-old friends and their families but still we had a really good time.

Last year we celebrated the end of their first year and said thank you to the 40 or so people who helped in some way during my bed rest, hospital stay and the girl's newborn stages but for the past year it's been 95% Kirk and I alone. We've had some babysitting but I have no daily help - just me and the babes. But that's okay - we do well for ourselves and I'm enjoying watching them grow up.

More tomorrow on their actual birthday but I wanted to share the fun we had with them today and thanks to all who came out to our "simple" party! Two years ago now I was eating my last meal before midnight and anxiously awaiting a chance to meet the girls. I had turned down the doctor's "offer" to go another week - which as many of you know I probably could have carried them to 40 weeks if they weren't physically removed and mentally I just couldn't do that... Oh well, seemed to turn out fine the babies being good weights and all :)


Following Him said...

What a great cake. I am so glad that the girlies are happy and two! Welcome to a whole new world! Precious little girlies they are :)

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

What a great party!! They looks so cute in their outfits and piggy tails. Looks like they had fun.

Annie said...

Great party and the girls really enjoyed it.

Happy Birthday Girls!!!!!!!!

MaryBeth said...

I love those cute polka dot shirts! Did you make the awesome Elmo cake yourself?!?

Denise Wheeler said...

What a cute cake. Did you make it? Happy birthday to the precious girls that share our birthday. I hope it was a great day. We had our party yesterday too. Mommy will post pictures soon.
Lucy, Joshua and Markas

The Northcutt's: said...

Their two!! You've made it this far, it just keeps getting better and better! Birthday Blessings from the Northcutt's-love to all!