Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trip To The Bathroom

This isn't crude I just want to share what it's really like to have 3 two year olds plus 2 bigger kids.

So, I have to go to the bathroom. It happens sometimes and I can't help it. As much as my girls will fuss while I am "gone" I have to go!! After I head to the bathroom inevitably someone needs to find me. While Rachel and Alyssa are content searching and crying, Julianna walks around yelling "Where Mommy? Where Mommy? Where Mommy?"

Until I answer her. Then she finds me. So do the other two. All of them must sit on my lap.

Rachel first - just so she can play with the switch next to my toilet which operates the bathroom fan (I'm just thankful it's not the light because that gives me a headache with the on and off).

Then Alyssa must also play with the switch. So, two kids standing on me playing with the switch.

Julianna is waiting patiently. Mostly just saying "Mommy potty" or "Mommy poopy, Mommy peepee" (this is regardless of what I'm actually doing so no, I'm not being crude).

Rachel and Alyssa climb off. Julianna says, "My turn" and climbs on.

Inevitably, either Kaitlyn or Caleb will interupt me as well. Caleb wants a snack. Kaitlyn needs me to spell a word or help with homework.

Seriously all I'm trying to do is pee!!

When I am finally able to get all the kids off me/out of there and am done. I am followed out by Julianna saying "Mommy potty; Mommy all done" Sometimes she adds "yuck" and points to the toilet. After I run my hands under water with at least one child attached to my leg I am off to rescue Rachel from whatever tragedy has occurred in the five minutes it has taken me to go the bathroom.

Today it was also Julianna who hurt herself - tripped and knocked her head (ever so slightly) into the tub - instead of wailing for twenty minutes like Rachel or Alyssa she puts her hand on her head and says "Hurt head" and shows me where.

I like this part of talking! The less screaming and yes, I do think Julianna is two months older then the other two despite being born on the same day. Yes, they were born on the same day - it's called triplets.

Or to quote a very observant woman we ran into the other night, "They're twins except there's three." Yep, that there is.


MaryBeth said...

I've started sneaking to the bathroom and locking the door just to avoid this exact scenario... all the while I am praying that nobody injures herself or a sister while I'm away. Who knew going to the bathroom would be such an ordeal?!?

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Such a big decision we must make. Do we take the kids with us and have to endure the chaos while we use the toilet? Or do we risk them turning the house upside down while we are gone? In 2 minutes Gaby almost wrecked my computer, was helping herself to a snack of potato chips, and was dialing the phone, probably calling China.

Is it child abuse to put them in a kennel?

Misty said...

OH, I feel your pain! I usually use the potty behind the baby gate, but they can still see in. It does help.

Denise Wheeler said...

Too funny and so true. Luckily only one wants to sit on my lap while I go potty. All 3 will stand in front of me, until the one climbs up in my lap, saying and signing potty. Then Lucy will start with the caca. I hate that word and could kill my hubby for teaching them that word.

Her Royal Troutness said...

Ha! I only have two, but today it was my mother in law (who lives with us) yelling "where's your mother? What's happened to your MOTHER?!?" while I was trying to pee. Never a dull moment.