Monday, July 13, 2009

Makes My Monday

My computer is finally and officially dead. I've been hitting the monitor to work for about 2 months - it gets better but ultimately it's just getting worse so it has to be fixed or replaced. Turns out the fix is around $300 which isn't a whole lot less then a new laptop.

So, what makes my Monday today (no pictures - they're all on MY computer):

- I am getting a new laptop! Not looking forward to transferring everything over but at least it will be shiny and new :) After all, I can't live without it!

- We went out to eat tonight and everything and everyone was just fine - how nice is that? Got us in, got us out, spent barely over $30 with tip for 7 of us to eat - wonderful! God bless Logan's.

- In two days we are all heading to a mountain cabin with some friends and probably out to Luray Caverns here in VA - I'm looking forward to the break.

- In 5 days we are getting more pictures done with Kate! I am over the moon excited. I have all the kids clothes ready to go. Also means I will have a blog re-do coming soon. I've been in need of one for a while but I didn't want to remove Kate's wonderful work of my beautiful kiddos!

- And in 6 days my oldest "baby" will turn 9! I can't decide if this makes my Monday or not. I'm so happy for her and proud to be her mom and of course thrilled that she's been here for 9 years but still, my baby is half-way to moving out or at least being an adult and just 1 year from double digits. She's not a baby anymore...

I will be offline until I can get my new computer up and running so I apologize in advance for not posting but great things are coming soon. So, while I'm disappointed about my own computer I will look at all the great things this week to Make My Monday!

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Cheryl Lage said...

Oooh! A new computer! I am so jealous! I really want one of those little netbooks, but my husband (rightly) cannot fathom why I "need" one.

We're going to likely hit Luray Caverns in August! Have a great time!

Denise Wheeler said...

A new computer! How exciting. I hope you have a wonderful week. I am sorry I have been so absent. That should change soon enough. Have fun on your trip and with Kaitlyn's bday!