Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures While I Wait

I've seen my pictures from Kate and they are awesome but I don't have the CD yet to share them so instead I'll share some pics of the kids over the last week or so.

Kirk did a great treasure hunt for Kaitlyn on her birthday.

Took her all over the house and outside - even froze a clue in ice:

All leading to her birthday presents from mom, dad and grandma/grandpa :)

The babies have enjoyed staying cool in the baby pool:

Caleb's been doing some art projects both on and off the computer.

Being silly - sitting on her Elmo chair on the couch!

Guess who's idea it was?!

Rachel drew me a "rainforest" - I swear - her words!

The girls were having fun using magnets and making letters. And yes, Alyssa is saying "cheese" - now you know why I can't take a picture of her!!

Hopefully tomorrow the "real" pictures from Kate!


Denise Wheeler said...

Cute pictures! I can't wait to see the pictures you guys had done. You are also a very amazing mom! I can't believe all you did for Kaitlyn's bday party. That has to make you one of the coolest moms in the world. I love the pictures you got as well.

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Kaitlyn's birthday sounded like a blast. Who wouldn't have loved a birthday party like that when they were a kid? I may just do that for Ashlyn when she is older except maybe stay at a real hotel so I don't have to do any of the work. Ha ha. The scavenger hunt was very cool too.

Happy birthday Kaitlyn!!

Annie said...

Your kids are adorable.