Friday, July 17, 2009

Do We Even Belong Outdoors??

It's out! I am not much of an outdoor girl but since I was promised a real bed, a real bathroom (with a shower), and a view of the mountains I said okay. Doesn't sound too "outdoorsy" right?! But with views like this I'd say close enough :)

Highlights of the trip:

Luray Caverns - we went underground - about 90 feet down into a very beautiful part of the earth. Wow! Amazing - the kids loved it - said it was their favorite part. I only got a few grainy pics since I forget my camera. I know, I know but it was running low on battery anyway.

Garden Maze - I hate mazes. Maybe not on paper but certainly in person. Aagh! Getting completely lost in trees is NOT my kind of fun. In fact there was a beautiful fountain in the middle (that I came across no less then 3 times) - beautiful enough for a wedding if you absolutely hate your guests or don't really want them to be there. I was considering climbing the walls and escaping till I was rescued. Good thing or I would've been arrested for that and/or touching the cavern walls :)

Lake Arrowhead - everyone loved the lake swim. Julianna and Rachel were a little shy about it at first but Alyssa pretty much walked right in - probably would've kept going till she went under if we didn't stop her! All the big kids spent the time jumping in and no one broke their neck :) If you knew Barb you'd understand!

Fishing - okay, sort of - small lake but hey Caleb caught his first fish! I was so proud of my little guy :)

Otherwise, it was cows, gnats and a few campfires. Throw 13 people in a 4 bedroom house and you have a little bit of chaos but a very nice time away from "civilization" - kidding! But it does confirm I may not have been made for the outdoors but I can endure a little of it.

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Denise Wheeler said...

Wow! Looks like it was a great time and there are some gorgeous pictures. Of course the pictures of the kids are the absolute best. :)