Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures Are Here!

And I'm over the top excited to share these with you. Should be able to overhaul the blog this weekend (after Kirk makes a magazine deadline) and finally have a new header! All photos taken by Kate Headley.

The new family photo.

My kids. Love them :) And, of course, I think they're totally adorable.

I think this is my favorite picture ever of the girls together.

2nd favorite.

I have no idea what Rachel was laughing about but I just love this shot.

They absolutely loved their glasses!

My favorite of the girls in outfit #2.

My girls.

My boys.


Such a beauty.

Daddy's girl.

Me and my son.


So handsome.

Do you think she looks like me?

Me and Kirk - aaaawww...

My favorite one of Julianna.

This one captures Julianna's personality so well - she is so vibrant and full of life - I love it!


Now this is the definition of cool.

This is so Rachel's personality - mischevious and always into something. It was either this or the clinging to mom photo - I opted for this one.

Alyssa's flying high.

I just love that her glasses are slightly off and she's just cheesin' away.

Super sweet.

Group shots.

Can you see Julianna's little face down the line? Thank God there was a dog jumping in the water right in front of us - kept the girls fascinated :)

This is mama's bunch!

We took the pictures in front of a lighthouse in Alexandria. Beautiful location!

Funny faces.

So Julianna wasn't much into the silly faces.



And Alyssa saying "bye" and thanks for viewing our new great pictures from Kate!


Andrea said...

Your family is absolutely gorgeous! I love every picture- I hope you get the whole CD so you don't have to pick and choose which ones you want- there's no way you could decide!!

MaryBeth said...

They are all great, but I think we definitely have the same favorite. I just love that one of the three little gals with their sunglasses on. So cute!!!

Annie said...

Wow, the pictures are fabulous. The scenario is beautiful. All of you looks amazing.

I'm anxious to see the new picture at the new header.

Have a nice weekend.

Following HIM said...

What an amazing post! The pictures are all fabulous! WoW!!!

Angie said...

Oh Dorinda! You must be so happy. All of the pictures are amazing. You have a very photogenic family :) I just love those sunglassses... very cool!