Thursday, February 04, 2010

Surviving The Store Before A Storm

I thought it would be a good idea to get groceries before the "Storm of the Century" - not that I needed milk and toilet paper (apparantly all you need to survive a Washingtonian snowstorm) but still I did want to be prepared and not have to go out for a while if we do get snowed in.

But apparantly taking 5 kids to the store alone is not the best idea. Monday it went well but only one of them wanted their own cart - the other two were content to sit in the cart and "drive" the shuttle cart. Today they all wanted their own shopping cart and keeping 3 three-year-olds in line even with a 9-year-old and a 6-year-old to "help" is a difficult task.

Of course Julianna had to go potty which meant dragging everyone across the store to the bathroom while weaving around a myriad of shoppers. Trying to shop starting on the "wrong" side of the store is always hard - adding 5 kids and too many other people makes it about impossible!

To make things worse the girls aren't exactly shall we say, skilled in cart pushing or paying attention to those around them. So Rachel just starts running with her cart and since she's not looking runs right into another shopper. Not two minutes after I apologize and move her Alyssa runs right into the back of Rachel!

I get down on their level to inform them that they are not to run in the store and they must be careful. Julianna leans over and says, "I not running, mama, I not running." She is an amazing record keeper of her good behavior.

And of course, without fail, no matter what part of the store we were in we were in somebody's way. We either took up an entire aisle or were stopped directly in front of where someone needed to be. It might be a little cute but I'm guessing for the most part just annoying - these VA people are serious about their snow supplies!

It took me well over an hour to weave in and out of way too many people who couldn't possibly need everything in their cart before we make it to the check-out line.

But we made it! Me and five kids got all our food for the week and are ready for the storm. I say bring it on! I'm hoping for some record snowfalls.

According to NBC4 these are the biggest snowfalls in DC - only 13 times have they gone over 12 inches (NoVA may be higher).

Top Snowfall Totals in D.C. History:

•Jan. 27-28, 1922: 28 inches
•Feb. 11-13, 1899: 20.5 inches
•Feb. 18-19, 1979: 18.7 inches
•Jan. 6-8, 1996: 17.1 inches
•Feb. 15-18, 2003: 16.7 inches
•Feb. 11-12, 1983: 16.6 inches
•Dec. 18-19, 2009: 16.4 inches
•Feb. 7, 1936: 14.4 inches
•Feb. 15-16, 1958: 14.4 inches
•Feb. 16-18, 1900: 14.3 inches
•Jan. 29-30, 1966: 13.8 inches

- notice the last time was just in December. This is one crazy winter but I so love it :) Even if I do have to brave the grocery stores to enjoy it. But I tell ya this I have enough milk and toilet paper for the next week so we are good to go!

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Cadi + 4 said...

Are you still surviving? How much did you get? Still snowing?