Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snoverkill in Snowmaggeddon: Are We Ever Gonna Dig Out?

For a while it seemed all I had to post about was potty training - Julianna is still doing well and Alyssa seems to be joining her - but now it seems all there is to post about is SNOW!!

As if 26" on our back deck was not enough we are in for another foot tonight! The totals keep changing so I'm not sure what's expected but I do know it's snowing now and is supposed to keep going all night.

Kirk spent most of Sunday digging out from the first snow - he'll spend most of tomorrow digging out from the second.

At least the kids seem to get it on the fun!

Here's the "before" out front:

Rachel's helping out:

At least until she gets to eat an icicle :) That girl will eat anything cold - snow, ice, icicle, ice cream :)

All the triplets "helping":

The cast off from the driveway was high enough to make a pretty good slide. Julianna is showing off her moves :)

Caleb was also a big "help" in shoveling the driveway. At least he was able to keep Kirk company.

Keep going, honey, you're getting there! (Took over 6 hours to get through the driveway)

Alyssa's checking out the slide:

But she's not content with playing around with the shoveled snow - no, Alyssa decided to wander off into the middle of the yard and having no idea how deep it was she sunk right in. Poor thing!

Kirk rescued her but she lost her snow boot. What is even funnier about the whole thing is how many times she's told the story since. She has told both of my parents - it goes "stuck in snow" and "lost shoe" - so cute!

And how is the backyard?

Still completely covered. Kaitlyn and her friend Madison tried to check it out. Kaitlyn got a small bump on the way out and we used snow to help it heal.

Doesn't look that deep? Madison involuntarily showed everyone how deep it still is :)

Still wondering when our front walk won't look like a trench.

Wondering when there will no longer be icicles hanging from my roof and everywhere else. And when my neighborhood may look a little more like what I remember.

After all, I do believe there's grass under there...

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Cadi + 4 said...

Its definitely starting to look like my house over there. That is so weird. Too bad you don't have a snow blower.