Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair Party For Some Individual Style

The kids were off of school for yet another day (this makes 7 school days in a row!) - they have NOT been in school since Feb. 4th!! And they were off Feb. 3rd so for the month of Feb. they have gone 3 days.

Okay, that's not really related but it does help me feel better to vent a little! And I actually like snow but this has been well, too much. The DC area has already had 54 inches this winter the most ever. Believe me, it feels like it and winter isn't over yet.

Again, I'm digressing :)

Despite all that the kids and I were able to get out of the house and head over to a friend's house for a hair party! Okay, so it didn't sound that fun to the kids but for me it was great. I got my hair colored and cut and I think it looks pretty good. But even more fun - I got all of the girls hair cut.

Rachel was against having her hair cut but once in the chair she seemed to enjoy herself.

Look at that crazy blonde hair! I so hope it stays this color.

Alyssa is always the least cooperative when it comes to hair cuts and yet she has such beautiful hair.

Can't say the after looks a lot different than the before but it's trimmed up nicer - except for the bangs - told you she can't sit still :)

And then there's Julianna.



And after - she was thrilled to model her new look for the camera and to look at herself in the mirror.

Now all three girls have individual style - and when someone asks me how I tell Julianna and Alyssa apart I can tell them it's by their hair :)

(Kidding about the hair - I can tell them apart by looking at them...)


Kirk said...

What? No pics of Mommy's gorgeous cut and color?

Cherie said...

What a cool idea! The girls' cuts look great!
Where's your picture?

Meg said...

They are such beautiful little ladies, sitting so well for their day of beauty. I love the cuts

Angela said...

The girls probably love their different cuts. They are all so beautiful! What fun you must have playing with it! Or not! That's alot of blonde hair! :)

Annie said...

Love their hair cuts.

Where is your pic?