Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas Is Finally, Officially Over

As we take down all the Christmas decorations I am convinced that Christmas is finally over. Of course it couldn't end until after the kids Christmas program at school which, because of snow last month, got postponed till last night. All the kids were in their holiday colors and some were in their holiday best and we sang Christmas carols - a weird thing so long after Christmas!

The girls waiting in line to go on stage:

The girls "performing" - it was a riot really. They were either not participating or overly participating - mostly Alyssa who found stomping on the stage and swinging her arms in circles and singing really loudly quite amusing! So did the audience.

After the girls Caleb's class was up to sing a few songs.

And then Kaitlyn's class:

The "show" was simple but the kids seemed to enjoy it and they did a great job. However, I was quickly reminded that life is MUCH easier when the triplets are on stage and NOT in my lap! Our picture snapping certainly decreased as we juggled the girls. I thought 4-years-old would be much easier.

Maybe that could be a resolution - life is easier with triplets. Hmm, okay, more like a prayer...

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Candace Hickey said...

Dorinda...your kiddos are getting so big!
I had to laugh when you were describing the trio's performance....sounds familiar!
Hope you all had a good holiday! LOVED the Christmas card :)
So 4 year olds are not easier? You are scaring me!