Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Visit: Blink And You Miss It

My family swung by last week on their way from Florida to New York. It was a very, very brief stay but the girls got their Amber and "baby fix" for a few hours.

Kaitlyn used her new camera to take some pictures and she wanted to help write up this post. Since she has recently joined the Newspaper Club at school I thought this would be a great place for her to work on her skills!

Now, it's Kaitlyn's turn :) (All the pictures are hers from her camera from Christmas - we are still trying to figure it out - so some of the pictures are a bit grainy - sorry!)

Man! Did that visit go by fast! I was so happy when they arrived, then I'm sad they are gone! That is so not enough time to show them our Christmas gifts!:) I got some pics. anyway.

This is Cousin Amber. She's my dad's neice.

The girls are with Cousin Amber's daugter, Addelynne. Notice the book in the back:)
Aunt Lori. She's married to my dad's brother
who brought us Amber.

Mom with Addelynne.
Sorry we didn't have any pictures of Uncle Steve. I got one but it didn't come out to well.
P.S.- it's a three day weekend and I'm alive! If you know what I've been through the past three, you would understand...

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