Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Double Triples And Best Friends

This weekend we got a chance to visit with some friends of ours who also have triplet girls. Since they no longer live in the same state we don't get to see them very often so this was the first time in a while that our girls have gotten to play together. It was quite cute to see them interact. Julianna was still the mom giving her friends detailed instructions as to how to play her video game. Gotta love it! She's always in charge and in control.

While I certainly find this age challenging I also enjoy it. The girls really are best friends. They can play so well together - of course they fight occasionally - but for the most part they get along.

Reading my Nook together. Oh yes, they love it! I love that I can get them books that will read to them.

Playing together. This morning they even spent a few hours playing in Caleb's room with all this cars, legos and army men and then they cleaned it up!! That was the real miracle :) I think preschool is teaching them something after all. No, I'm kidding - they're learning plenty and they love their teacher. Of course she bribes them a bit with the treasure box but hey, whatever works.

Silly little goofs, sisters and best friends. What a privilege it is to raise them and a privilege for them to have each other even when they don't think so!

Of course I had to post today - after all it's 1/11/11 - so cool :)

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