Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mommy Goofed

I'm bound to forget something but really did I have to forget the camera AND the video camera on my son's big night?

Yes, yes I did and I feel awful.

So, I have no photographic record of Caleb "the strongman" (in costume no less) or Kirk acting as his only son's announcer. Right? How bad is that?

You'll have to use your imagination. It was the school talent show - there were some singing acts, a dancer and a mathematician but best of all there was a cute 7-year-old strongman act that everyone loved.

He stood on his daddy shoulders...

He flipped backwards off Kirk's shoulders his cape flapping in the wind...

He picked up his 10-year-old sister who is significantly taller than him...

He bent a spoon made of pure steel using only his hands...

And for his final act...

He lifted two thirty pound barbells! He only weighs 65 pounds and he was able to lift 60 by himself!

Imagine the excitement and a cheering crowd :)

Imagine me missing all of it on film.

But he did a great job and was adorable. He even was asked for an autograph by an excited fan.

I hope you have some really great imaginations. Of course he did offer to do it for his aunt and uncle who arrive in a week so maybe there's a chance to capture the greatness then. I know you will stay tuned - you wouldn't want to miss it!

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