Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life Is Full Of Surprises

Like today, for example, when I was sitting at lunch with the kids and Kirk and the table begins to shake.

I was *this close* to turning to yell at the kids to stop shaking the table because really it wasn't funny to be shaking the table so hard when I realize the entire building is shaking. And not just our building but the building next door!

Kirk says, "It's an earthquake."

But despite all the evidence that he's right I'm still thinking, "No way, we live in Virginia, how could this be an earthquake?"

I'm sure if you've seen the news you know it was in fact an earthquake. Details HERE - so while I thought it was the kids shaking the table and the kids thought it was daddy shaking the table it was actually, well God, shaking the table :)

For me, this was my second surprise of the week.

On Saturday evening Kirk through me a surprise party for my 35th birthday. He very sweetly invited my friends, ordered the food and picked up the decorations. He arranged for my SIL to take me out to a movie to get me out of the house, cleaned everything up and pulled it all together.


Yummy spread!

Could I really be that old??!!

Thank you sweetheart for giving me one of life's good surprises!

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Candace Hickey said...

Glad you all are okay.....
What a nice birthday surprise.....35...you are YOUNG!!!