Monday, August 01, 2011

Still Celebrating Kaitlyn's Birthday!

Kaitlyn turned 11 on July 19th but that doesn't mean we stopped celebrating. We have, in fact, been celebrating for over a month. In June while we were in Florida we celebrated with Aunt Kim and Uncle Daniel. Then two days before her birthday as a family, then on her birthday in Luray with our close friends and finally this past weekend with a few of her closest friends spending the night.

Boy did Caleb feel like the odd man out with SOO many girls here! Add all the girls to girly things like make-up and nails and I know Caleb was wishing he could have found a place to hide :)

The girls on the other hand seemed to have a lot of fun!

They got their nails and make-up done with special help from my sister-in-law, Liz (on make-up) and my good friend Lisa (who does an awesome job on nails!)

Because the big girls chose to play outside in the sprinkler the little girls cut in line to get their fingers and toes done. The best part for them? The color doesn't come off in the bath! (they had some little girl "nail polish" that wiped right off and they were so disappointed)

The "drying chair" - seemed to be the perfect place for the girls to wait for their nails to dry...

(Sorry about the yellowish color - our flash still isn't working so inside pictures aren't that great - sadly all the other pictures we got of the big girls are too blurry to see)

But the biggest highlight of the night?

The cake!

The before picture: a candyland cake FULL of candy thanks to Mrs. Shepherd

The after picture: the cake is completely destroyed but their bellys were all full and happy!

Now that it's August Kaitlyn is officially officially 11 and I think we can stop celebrating now... at least until next year!

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