Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Night At The Fair

Two years ago to the day we took all the kids to the county fair - the triplets for the first time. Last year we missed it (I think we were out of town) but this year thanks to a Certifikid deal (like Groupon) we were able to take all of us plus a few more to the fair - rides included! And oh how they rode and rode and rode.

Two years ago they didn't get a chance to ride the ferris wheel - this year it's the first thing we did :)

Waiting on line with Aunt Liz.

Riding the wheel - don't they look excited?

After that we made our way around the fair from one ride to the next.

First it was the little red roller coaster:

Then it was the elephant ride that went up and down in a circle:

And the boat ride - went up and down in a circle (lots of circles here) - this was a favorite and the girls begged to go again and again. After two times around I encouraged them to another ride. That one was and I quote "boring!" Had to laugh though they were right - compared to the boat ride, it was boring :)

More circles in a construction vehicle:

And then in a go-kart (the sad face is because she's in the blue truck):

And the big kids? They were all with dad so they could ride the big rides rather than the little kid ones :)

Pretty much the only thing we could go together on was the big slide in the middle of the park. Funny thing it's pretty much the only one that didn't go in a circle!

The big kids did their fair share of circles too:

Besides rides we also checked out the animals - the girls pet sheep, saw baby goats, big cows, little pigs and lots of roosters and chickens.

We also saw some bees - which doesn't sound hugely fascinating to me but the girls loved every second and asked all kinds of questions. Who knew?

Know who this is? It's Alyssa! You knew that right? :) Our good friend and favorite babysitter drew it - and look at that - she one first place!

I think she got Alyssa's expression spot on - don't you?

We had a great time at the fair and I'm so glad we went! We're already looking forward to next year!

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