Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Feeding Time

As you know the girls were cleared to try solid food on Friday so we made our first attempt on Saturday and as predicted they didn't do so well and like I said Alyssa just screamed. Lisa Z. and I tried again today and pretty much got the same results. Julianna and Rachel aren't sure what in the world is going on and Alyssa just screams as soon as we put her in the chair.

And now Alyssa is pulling a Rachel and not drinking her bottles very well either. The past 2 days Rachel has been doing okay and has in fact, drank two 7 ounce bottles before bed! That is huge for her since I normally fight her tooth and nail to finish a 6 ounce bottle just 4 times a day. Rachel does have an appointment with the Gastroenterologist but not until April 19th. By then she'll probably be fine! I could probably trade Alyssa in on the appt. if she keeps this up :)

Kirk did a great job on the bench (with the help my dad) and now the seats are securely fastened to keep the girls safe. Looks ready to feed some kids except for the table :)

The girls are ready but they have no idea what for!

Julianna looks excited but it's just for the cameras...

Rachel looks confused...

The only moment Alyssa wasn't screaming Kirk grabbed a shot...

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