Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kaitlyn and Caleb

So, most of this blog is about the triplets - hence the name but I wanted to be sure to include their big sister and brother and since I am often asked how Kaitlyn and Caleb are doing with the change I thought I'd talk about them a little bit and share some great moments :)

Kaitlyn is doing great with her little sisters. She really loves them. She doesn't help much and doesn't feel like feeding them - she'd rather play with her friends and sometimes with her brother (though she often declares him annoying - just wait a few years and then see what's annoying!!). Life for her hasn't changed much except that when we go out she can declare we have triplets and will let anyone know who will listen that she is the big sister to her triplet sisters. In fact, she is disappointed if no one notices or if we don't get as much attention as she thinks we should. Trust me, we get enough for me!! But at least, so far, most people have been very gracious and think it's the coolest thing they've ever seen :) I think they should get out more since I know for a fact we don't have the only triplets on this planet. Though I do have to agree that they are all pretty cute...

As for Caleb he is adjusting well. He gets a bit confused when he doesn't get attention 100% of the time. He is constantly asking me to watch him play computer, sit with him to watch TV, play trains, read books, eat next to him. Everything he can think of to keep me with him. I tell everyone it really doesn't matter that we have 3 instead of one since I would have to feed the one baby and he would have to wait. In fact, since the girls are often using their Podee bottles and self-feeding I have more freedom to get up and log him into the computer again and again and again... Hey, he's 3 :)

Just wanted to share this story from Caleb since it just made me laugh - of course, most of what he says makes me laugh except when he says "I love you" and that just melts my heart. He's certainly not perfect but those eyes and that smile get me every time - I have to be careful!!

Caleb's story: It took him a minute to actually start because it was a long story (his words) but finally he got out... "the bad guy came with a sword and then the robot came with a squirter gun and the robot squirted the bad guys sword and it broke all apart. The bad guy squirted people with a squirter gun and their skin started to come apart from their bones and the people touched their bones and said "oh, those are my bones" and the dog came and broke the robot and then bees came to sting the robot and then the bad guys destroyed him. And the couches started walking because they were starting to have feet and hands and heads." If I remember right the couches started walking because they were squirted by the robot's squirter gun - I was trying to type as fast as he was talking :)

So, it seems that Kaitlyn is doing well all around in school and at home and she does still love to hold her little sisters. And Caleb, even surrounded by all these girls is still very much a boy (we discuss bad guys and robots all the time) and gets plenty of attention!! On a humorous note, Caleb still cannot tell his sisters apart. He remembers all their names but he has no idea which one is which. I wonder how long that will last? Kaitlyn, of course, can.

Kaitlyn and Julianna:

Kaitlyn and Rachel:

Kaitlyn and Alyssa.

Just a great shot of Caleb.

Caleb actually resting!! Yes, he sleeps with a ton of toys but he really seems to like it that way...

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