Saturday, March 31, 2007

One Of Those Days

So, the girls have been doing great for weeks. They are fussy and that seems just normal for them. Alyssa is the worst as we have mentioned and that hasn't changed but something got into her last night and we have had one of our worse nights/days ever. The Plott family babysat for us last night so we could go to the circus and they did a great job but something got into Alyssa and she didn't sleep last night, didn't nap this morning and since we were out this afternoon didn't sleep then either. It's really miserable and I have no idea what's wrong! We had been weaning her off her meds and trying to switch her formula to the "normal" stuff. Apparantly it's not working!! We'll be putting her back on the formula and the medication. Fun.

Rachel isn't doing a whole lot better. I tried changing her schedule but that didn't work any better so we're back to where we were. I'm trying to fight her less at each feeding which means she is eating less. I'm not sure how this will effect her weight. Guess we'll find out on April 19th when we see the GI.

Please just pray for both girls. Julianna is doing really well - eating well, growing well and smiling a lot. She talks and coos all the time. I was always told 3rd kids were easy and they were right! It's the 4th and 5th that'll kill ya :)

On the bright side they're still adorable...

Julianna's thinking "What are you doing to me? Leave me here any longer and I'm going to roll over - I do it every night and I think it's fun!! Of course, mommy doesn't agree because I can't get back over and I cry for her..."

Rachel's thinking "I am such a model. I use this smile to make my mom stop feeding me. Works every time..."

Alyssa's thinking "This sly smile is hiding my rough interior. Make me angry and you'll regret it but for now I'll give you what you want!"

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