Friday, March 16, 2007

Leaky, Little and Loud are 4 Months Old Today!

Also know as Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa :) We have given them new nicknames since Julianna is almost always leaking out the mouth - she doesn't have reflux and she doesn't spit up very often but at least 20 times after each feeding the child leaks formula. It's very messy. Little is obviously Rachel since she's still the smallest and Loud is Alyssa. If you've ever visited in the evenings then you know why and needs no explanation! Even the doctor and nurses agreed today with our nicknames :)

Today the girls had their 4 month check-up. I'd say it's gone quickly and in some way it has but in others today still seems about the same as a few months ago except they do smile and sleep through the night (about 12 hours every night which is nice).

Okay, the girls "stats":

RACHEL: weighs 11.7 lbs and is 23 inches long - her head is 39 cm around. She is actually on the growth charts and is in the 10% for height, the 15% for weight and the 7% for head circumference. Still small very yea we're growing and on the charts! We are going to begin weaning her off her meds which will be great to not have to worry about those. As for her feedings the doctor has said to keep fighting her as we have been. Since she is growing there isn't much to change but at least she could see (we did a feeding there) how hard it is to feed her.

ALYSSA: weighs 12.8 lbs and is 23 1/2 inches long - her head is 41 cm around. She is also on the charts and is in the 15% for height, the 25% for weight and the 50% for head circumference. Certainly a bigger head than Rachel's!! I'll let them debate when they get older if it has to do with her brain size or not :) We can also work on switching Alyssa back to the regular formula and see how she does with that. I would say that's the plan since Alyssa doesn't seem to care if she gets the wrong bottle and it would be easier for us not to have to distinguish between the formula types!

JULIANNA: okay, this is big news!! She weighs 13.12 lbs and is 24 1/2 inches long - her head is 41 cm around. So, like Alyssa she is in the 50% for head circumference but for weight she is in the 65% and for height she is in the 60%!! So, my little girl who started out at just 5.2 lbs 4 months ago today is now bigger and longer than more than half the kids her age. That is amazing to me! At 4 months old Caleb had gained a good 10 pounds over his birth weight and it seems Julianna is trying to gain like her brother.

As for the rest of the visit, the girls are pretty much like all other 4 month olds except they do seem to be a week or two behind in some motor skills such as rolling over and grabbing for things. It seems they are just now wanting to play with toys a bit more and Julianna has definitely found her fists and likes to chew on those. Alyssa needs to find something to keep her quiet but sometimes her eyes are shut tight while her mouth is wide open and she's too busy screaming to notice anything else. They are all smiling and giggling which is very cute.

The doctor says we can begin to try solids but who knows how they will do - we'll try it this weekend and let you know. She seemed a bit hesitant to let us try because she isn't sure they are ready but then Julianna is pretty big and might like some food and maybe Rachel will take to solids over the bottles she seems to hate. Alyssa will most likely just scream...

Our sleeping burritos :)

What unrolled burritos look like:

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