Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rolling Away...

The girls are on their way to mobility! Yea, I am sooo excited. Everyone I'm sure thinks I'm crazy but I find babies much easier to enjoy and entertain when they are more interactive and aware. Right now they require a lot of holding to remain calm and it's getting old. Not to mention they're getting heavy... Well, Julianna is.

On Sunday morning Julianna rolled over from her back to the front for the first time. We put her down on her belly and she woke up on her back. Not to be outdone Alyssa rolled over this morning and then a few times during the day. Rachel is trying very, very hard to roll from her back to her front. If she can just figure out how to move her arm she'd be there. Her tiny body can't be that hard to roll over!!

Please continue to pray for Rachel. She just continue to have trouble eating and almost always puts up a fight. While Julianna downs an 8 - 9 ounce bottle at every feeding and this in about 10 minutes only fussing if she loses her grip on the nipple, Rachel fights just to eat 2 ounces. To get a full 6 ounces is even more of a screaming battle. But the doctor says there's nothing else I can do and she needs all of the food. You can only imagine the frustration and sympathy I feel forcing my child to eat while she screams knowing she could be in pain. The only suggestions we have been given are to feed her smaller meals more often but with triplets this is not feasible and having the opportunity to try it a few times (she sometimes gets up at 6 or 7 instead of her usual 9) it is no better. The one thing that gets to me is a difficult feeding. As their mother I worry about their growth all the time and even though they are all doing well now I worry that at any moment Rachel may take a turn for the worse. Maybe a bit of crazy thinking, I don't know, but I worry about her so pray for me as well. She sees the GI on the 19th of April and I am really hoping they will be helpful.

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