Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Social Experiment

Okay, so before I had triplets there were lots of things I wondered about having multiples. Things like, could you really tell them apart? When I was in middle school I went to school with twins and even though I knew they were different and how I couldn't remember which one was which so I didn't think (even as a mother) that I could always tell my triplets apart. Now I know that I can 100% of the time.

Other things I wondered were would I love them differently? Obviously not :)

When Kaitlyn was little she cried a lot and I wondered if she had been a twin would it have been difficult to care for another child or would I only tend to her or only tend to the other one? Now I know it wouldn't have made a difference - we treat them the same. Okay, so you probably guessed all that.

Maybe something you didn't know - I can tell their cries apart. Yea, it's weird:

Julianna wins most annoying - it's a nasally type cry and she can get it going.

Alyssa wins loudest - I think I've said before loudest of my 5 - she gets MAD

Rachel wins most life threatening - when this child cries you would think she was having a heart attack - it's the weirdest thing - red in the face and since she has zero hair it's basically red everywhere!

I have to record this so I can tell it to them later - kids love to hear about themselves :) Hmm..

I do want to add an aaaahhh moment. I love all three of my girls the same - they are beautiful and so wonderfully sweet and I'm glad they are here and (finally) out of me! I also want to say that, as all parents know and don't need an experiment for, you don't love your other kids any less and Kaitlyn and Caleb are still just as loved and wanted as ever. So, I hope you enjoy the picutres of my kids (again) - cause they're all so cute and I love them so much! Sorry Julianna is yawning - I think she is bored with this whole picture taking thing! (It goes Julianna, Alyssa, Rachel for those of you who still can't tell them apart - that's the same order as yesterday's photo since it's a close-up of that picture - as if you couldn't tell - you people are so smart!)

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