Thursday, August 16, 2007

Family and Friends

Also known as days 5 and 6 - yesterday we spent with Kirk's family most of them meeting the triplets in person for the first time. It was nice to see Kirk's sister and brothers again and their kids and their grandkids!

Julianna with cousin Cheri and Aunt Lori

Rachel with cousin Amber

Alyssa with aunt Sherri

Today we visited some of our old college friends Tim and Wendy Boone. Wendy was also in my wedding 11 years ago and we haven't seen them since!! Life is crazy - while on our cruise almost 2 years ago we ran into Kirk's ex-girlfriend who knew Wendy who sent us our current address who wrote us who still lives where we used to who invited us to dinner tonight! Got to love run on sentences :) Anyway, it was so great to see them again and their 7 year old daughter, Mylanie (prounced like my lady but with a Georgian accent). Strangely, Mylanie and Kaitlyn looked a lot like twins!

The Boone family: Tim, Wendy and Mylanie

Mylanie, Kaitlyn and Caleb on their cool spinning chair

And the "twins": Kaitlyn and Mylanie - so cute!

And, if you remember the girls are 9 months old today. I can't believe another month has gone by. The biggest question we get asked lately is how do we do it? Some days I really don't know how we make it from morning to evening in one piece but some how we do and those days become a collection of days and eventually 9 months have gone by.

The girl's milestones haven't changed a lot recently - Julianna and Rachel are pulling up and doing it more and more each day. Julianna has begun cruising, has stood for a few seconds on her own and can sit down from standing quite well - she is everywhere and it's so cute when she pulls up in her pack and play or we go in to get her up and she's sitting up waiting rather than laying there helplessly. So close to walking! Yea! As for Alyssa she's begun crawling a little bit but still enjoys sitting in the middle of the room and although she wants to climb up to see things doesn't feel it's worth the effort!

Here's to another month...

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