Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Life As I Knew It...

Is now over! I know that the girls are crawling - in fact, they are everywhere. Even Alyssa is beginning to get in on the action. But, now the girls are beginning to pull up. Julianna is figuring out how to go from toy to toy. She fell but she's trying. Rachel is pulling up to a stand in her crib. Makes her cry and we have to go get her and put her down.

So, tonight we were playing with the babies in the family room and Kirk put Julianna on the couch to crawl after the cat (which all the babies absolutely love) and when she can't get the cat she crawls after my computer! My computer is my life and for those of you who don't know my computer sits on the couch so I can relax, watch TV and work - I MUST multi-task. Well, as she's crawling towards my computer, Rachel is batting at it standing next to the couch. And Alyssa was kicking me. People, I have triplets. Who told me this was going to happen? They're going to walk and then what do I do? As I was removing children like flies I was getting a little worried. There are more of them then there are of me!!

Sisterly love or my worst nightmare? Already they are fighting!! Even on a toy this big they must all play with the exact same part of the toy - just try to move them and whichever one I've moved heads right back to where her sister is. Sisters have become speedbumps and things to laugh at and then hit in the face. What am I going to do?? Okay, I just had to vent - I'm freaking out a bit :)

On a calm note here are some pictures of Kaitlyn and Caleb in Florida - aren't they adorable - I miss them so much! In two days we head that way - that's another freaking out moment for me!!!!!!!

The kids at the beach at sunset...

The kids at "Grandpa's Cafe" - Grandpa makes the best pancakes! He takes orders from the kids - Caleb wanted a foot and an arm - not sure what that's about. Kaitlyn wanted a dog and a bone. She does love her animals :)

And, of course, in the pool...

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