Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Year Ago

A year ago today I was lying on the couch celebrating my 30th birthday. At that time I had no idea what my babies would look like and at just 24 weeks I had no idea if they'd even make it. I was still recovering from the whole 3 girls shock and just beginning that horrible time in my life known as bed rest with triplets.

A year later I am 31 today and life is very different. Even after repeated attempts for Kirk to direct me to the couch or not do something with the babies/kids it has become impossible. With 5 kids including 3 babies I am unable to give up motherly duties for very long!

So, last year I wasn't allowed off the couch and was desperate to do so. This year, I'd give anything to be required to be there again :) Not quite, not for that long and not in the hospital again but just for a day. Anything. Happy Birthday to me.

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Cherie said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Man, you're old. :-) Just kidding.