Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Countdown Begins...

It's official. The girls are 11 months old which means in just 31 (long) days they will be 1 years old and it officially means that I will have survived one entire year of having triplets. This I can't believe.

A year ago I knew my 36 week mark and was counting down to that praying every day that they will come earlier. This year I know better. These girls are stubborn and determined. That certainly hasn't changed!

Official accomplishments at 11 months:

Julianna: 6 teeth, able to giggle and laugh at anything, can also shake toys, is willing to fall out of anything, has tipped over chairs and swimming floatation devices just by leaning over, cannot walk but is trying very, very hard.

Rachel: 2 teeth, has the hugest smile I've ever seen as well as the largest blue eyes, these are scary big still, still the smallest but is also into everything, would prefer to be thrown in the air and worn on my head as a hat - gets a giggle every time, loves to climb especially on me, cannot walk but is also trying very, very hard.

Alyssa: 4 teeth, the quietest and clingiest by far, has an amazing ability to crawl after me in tears, head down, wailing but she knows where I am and will find me, if she cannot find me she can sit in the middle of any floor and wail, very loudly. Loves her big sister and laughs when she is funny, still looks a lot like Caleb, very much the baby of the family. Cannot walk but does not care, she can stand very well though and sits on her princess butt with care.

Those are my girls. They are so different and so alike. The countdown to the birthday and the party have begun. As well as the walking. We'll see who does it first and what they accomplish in the next month. Maybe Rachel will get some more teeth...

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