Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Truth About Triplets

So many people stop me in the store these days and they want to ask me about the babies and how they are, etc. An interesting comment I usually get is "just wait till they're moving in all different directions." It got me thinking that there are a few triplets myths out there so here's a little bit of the truth:

1. Triplets do not go in three different directions - they go in one - mine.

2. I do not need 3 of every toy except for the good ones - like my car keys, my remote controls and my home phone.

3. Large toys are a must because all three want the same thing at the same time. The only problem is that no toy is truly big enough because they all want the same spot no matter what.

4. Crying rarely means that a child is injured. It usually means:

a. "One of these other babies has climbed on top of me - get her off!"

b. "I can't find you and I must, absolutely have you and see you right now, mommy."

5. The only one feeling guilty about not spending quality time with each baby is me. They are perfectly content to fight each other over my lap and don't even notice they have sisters except:

a. at 7 AM when they are all supposed to be asleep

b. when one sister is on top of another (see #3)

6. Be very careful when distracting one baby with a toy it will most likely backfire and attract both of the other babies resulting in another fight leading to the crying you were trying to avoid in the first place!

7. Every once in a while they do notice each other in a cute way and giggle and grin at each other and attempt to play together. These are the fun times that make me sit back and smile at them. So cute.

And those are a few thoughts about caring for triplets. The past two weeks have been a bit rough since the girls have been extra cranky. Thankfully they are all feeling better but the crying hasn't stopped.

On the one hand this age is much easier for me because they will sit and play with toys and they can move around to get to other toys that they like. On the other hand I am usually the thing that they like the most and would much rather sit on my lap or have me hold them and when one wants me, they all do.

Here's to surviving yet another another month and another stage of triplet girls!

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