Thursday, October 04, 2007

Last Year

On this day last year I began having contractions and Kirk rushed me to the hospital to have them stopped. At the time I thought the girls birth was close. Maybe not that day but surely very soon after.

Last year today I was admitted to the hospital and spent the night in a labor and delivery room. I got no sleep and was on monitors and IV's. By the next day they decided I wasn't in labor would would be staying till I gave birth.

Last year today was very hard. I had to leave my family behind to try and save three little babies I didn't even know.

As I approach the baby's first birthday next month my mind is constantly realizing where I was a year ago and just how far I've come.

A year ago...


I am soooo grateful to be on this side of things! The girls are getting more fun and more active. Instead of sitting in a bed waiting and worrying and wondering what things will be like with three babies, I almost never sit down to wait or worry but I do still wonder what it will be like next year :)

As for the picture I got these cool blocks that are A, B and C but the girls were not very cooperative so you can't see the A. Sorry!

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Sally said...

Boy do I remember those days. I still can't believe those 3 babes came out of that belly!
It's large!!!!!!! It was and is a miracle! Great picture of you and girls too!