Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Love Fall

Most of you know that we don't celebrate Halloween but that doesn't mean that I don't thoroughly enjoy all the festivities associated with this time of year. I love pumpkin patches and hay rides and fall parks.

Today we got to enjoy a few more things about fall at another fall park and a friend's house for pumpkin carving/chili eating contests. Kirk didn't win, I mean the kid's pumpkin didn't win but it looked great :)

I am making an attempt to upload pictures but Blogspot is having trouble getting them to upload so I will try again later this week.

Please check back - this week is Crazy Week at Kaitlyn and Caleb's school where they have lots of fun dress-up days to celebrate fall and I will be taking pictures of them as well. I missed this week last year because I was in the hospital so I am excited to be home for it this year. Hopefully we'll get this thing up and working!

26 more days to go till 1 year (still looking for a location for their big party...)

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