Saturday, January 05, 2008

Better Late Then Never...

I am fully aware that Christmas is almost two weeks ago and I promised pictures of the kids playing on their toys but I never really got around to posting it. So, better late then never...

Caleb's biggest gift was a big hit - the Fisher Price Smart Cycle - notice Alyssa enjoying the TV - she's watching Caleb's game from her new chair :)

Go Caleb! You're doing great!

Here's Alyssa on her chair. She likes to sit on it and it's very cute - also by Fisher Price :)

And the girls like to do this all the time - I think Rachel's bound to be a tomboy - motorcycles and 4-wheelers??

More pictures and video soon! I'm still playing catch-up and the house is not yet organized but we did take down the Christmas tree and decorations today. Christmas is officially over :(

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Tripletblessed said...

Love the pic of Rachel on the bike that is so cute. My kids loved that Fisher Price chair I just recently sold it to make room and they were still playing on it although mostly just to stand on and carry around!

So I guess you saw I tagged you, darn it I missed you were already tagged sorry. Just goes to show you how loved you are!