Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Laundry Day

The girls are oh, so helpful.

This is what laundry day in our house looks like. I don't even remember how many loads this was but it took me 2 days to wash and fold :) I know I could do a load every day but I hate laundry so I do it all at once every other week (and some in between when needed).

And this is how our house looked tonight when all the power everywhere went out for over an hour. I've never seen my house any blacker! It was freaky. It certainly proved one thing: Alyssa is scared of the dark. I mean petrified. We suspected this when she spent the entire second nap screaming her head off - something she doesn't do any other time that she wakes up. I started putting a night light in which ever room she was in and it seems to have helped. Go figure.

Right now I am just eternally grateful for lights...

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