Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is It Spring?

So, I know it's technically January but oh my word it's so nice out. More like a cruel joke because we know it's going to get colder again. I do love winter though so it's okay - I'd like a good snow :) But until then we will enjoy the weather and let the girls out for a walk. And today was the first time ever they walked on grass. A big first!! Woo hoo :) So, forgive me for yet another video (no sound - on my camera again)

Before the "big" walk - still love this stroller!! FYI: Alyssa's in the middle to keep Julianna and Rachel from fighting. She's not as grabby :) In Harris Teeter the other night they each had a cookie - I'm shopping and I hear Alyssa crying behind me - I turn around and Julianna has two cookies and she's eating both. That would be the only negative to this stroller...

Caleb after a block - his leg hurt. Yea, right - he just wanted daddy to carry him.

Julianna's in love - she walked everywhere - have to watch that one and the street!

Rachel had no idea what to do - didn't walk, just crawled - too funny :)

And Alyssa. Well, everyone who knows her knows she's the princess and princesses don't really walk outside and get their feet dirty! I snapped this picture as she was walking to me to pick her up - she would NOT touch that tree. In contrast notice Rachel (above) pratically eating the dirt!

And another video - sorry, it's too fun. I mean it was their first walk in the grass! Sorry about the slight glare. Take notice again of Alyssa's princess like quality - she just sat there!!


Cherie said...

lovely pictures from a lovely day!!!

i had to laugh at your harris teeter cookie comment. . .my boys have had many of those cookies!

Tripletblessed said...

Alyssa sounds like my Abigail such a princess! If Abby gets her hands dirty she will stand there and shriek until you clean them.
We have had some strange weather here as well this weekend it was in the 80's and now it is in the 40's go figure.