Monday, January 07, 2008

Sounds of Triplets

I've been having fun with Kirk's camera and the fact that it actually records sounds. So, I took some fun video of the girls the other day and finally got them to upload (bigger files takes more time!) so here they are to share. I hope I'm not overdoing the video thing :)

I had to get video of Julianna playing - she cracks herself up. Be sure to watch for Julianna and Alyssa playing together - it's adorable! Plus, the sounds of baby laughter. Sorry their noses are runny :)

And this is Julianna talking on the phone - sooo adorable! Notice Rachel attempting to take it away :)

And as promised, some video of Rachel making her annoying crying sound. At least I tried. She starts out so unhappy I'm thinking this is it! Everyone will see how fussy Rachel is but then she shows us all it's just an act...

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